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This card DOES NOT Include a Digital Persona™.

For use as a spare card, or a replacement.

This card will be linked to an existing persona of your choice,

Coppr Card mini

Meet the new member of the Coppr Card family. The Coppr Card mini is filled with the same amazing features, in a now smaller, more portable form factor. Not just super smart, but super convenient. Attach it to your key ring, and boom your business card is always with you! Did we mention their core is made from recycled plastic cards, like those thrown away by hotels? That means our cards are eco-friendly two times over! The premium Matte finish is perfect to be used as your "daily-driver." It's smooth and sleek.

Ceramic White Matte

The luxuriously understated Ceramic White is made to stand out, in an elegantly silent kinda way. 

Slate Black Matte

Bold but aesthetically restrained. A mixture of elegance and intrigue.

*In stock 2021.